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The Knapp family, hosts at the Hotel Alte Post Grossarl

Welcome to the
Alte Post Grossarl

Walk in, mountaineers big and small!

You may wish to get to know us better. We will try to present ourselves to you as authentically as possible through the internet. Honestly. The way we really are. So that when you walk through the door one day, you have an immediate gut feeling that you’ve come to the right place!
Toni Knapp - Junior

Toni Junior

Chef and numbers person. Quality-conscious and cosmopolitan. Master of the house since 2017 - a member of the Knapps’ fourth generation! At times, he looks like he could walk through walls.

Maria Knapp - Junior

Maria Junior

Loves change. From farm child to hostess. Creative mind, ideas and boundless energy. In her element when she is outside, as a hiking guide with the guests, with the children and the alpacas.

Toni Knapp - Senior

Toni Senior

Knows just about everything about the Grossarl Valley mountains (and knows every Hüttschlag joke). If he senses a secret new path, there is no stopping him. Passionate grandpa, hiker and accordion player.

Maria Knapp - Senior

Maria Senior

The good soul in the background. Cake baker, pastry maker, choir singer, loving grandmother, hiking guide and certified chapel path companion. She has a lot to tell on the pilgrimage route.

Sophia Knapp


Born in 2018. Probably the biggest fan of her two grandfathers ;) Likes to chat with guests, gets cuddles and sweets from the team - her big family - and loves hiking, just like her mother. Loves glitter nail polish.

Maximilian Knapp


Born in 2020. The little farmer. Often seen in rubber boots and with his wheelbarrow. The alpacas are his everything! As well as everything on wheels (fire engines, police vehicles, tractors...).

Our encourager!
What our ancestors mean to us

Alte Post guesthouse in 1927
It fills us with awe and even a little pride that the first record of the Alte Post goes back as far as the 15th century. . The house had a so-called Maria Theresa trade licence for bakers and was therefore referred to as Unterbacken Wirtshaus in those days.
Photo of the great-grandparents - the Knapp family
In 1920, our great-grandparents Josef and Anna Knapp came to Grossarl from St. Lorenzen/South Tyrol. They bought the traditional inn with the adjoining farm. It’s a shame she is no longer around to tell us how this venture was for her!
View of the Grossarl Valley
You probably want to know how the Alte Post got its name. Well, until 1927, post carriages transported letters and goods to St. Johann. The post office stabled their horses at the inn - and so the name practically came about by itself.
Hotel Alte Post
In 1957, our grandparents took over the inn, followed by our parents Toni and Maria Knapp in 1990. They have gradually grown the inn into a four-star hotel and gained hiking certification too.
Toni and Maria Knapp with their children
Now we, Toni Junior and Maria Junior, the fourth generation, have followed in their footsteps! This is something that honours us and inspires respect at the same time. But we firmly believe that we will continue to successfully develop the Alte Post in our strong family network, with a great deal of passion and love. For you!

And now something for the eyes.
Take a look at the views;
inside, outside and with the alpacas.

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