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Yippee, the Alte Post Grossarl
is a hotel with alpacas!

Alois, Poidl, Anton and Pablo hum to you: Welcome!

Why are they so cute? We freely admit: we fell in love with them too. Since we adopted the alpacas and built a home for them with us, the four boys Alois, Poidl, Anton and Pablo have been the undisputed highlight in the whole hotel - and probably the most sought-after bachelors in the whole of Grossarl Valley. Toni can cook pretty much anything, and even the most beautiful mountain tour can’t compete with the four-legged furballs.

Alpaca hike times for
hotel guests and visitors

Wednesdays from 9:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m.
during the hotel season

  • Participation fee adults: € 50 incl. picnic / € 35 without picnic
  • Participation fee for children from 5* to 15 years: € 30 incl. picnic / € 20 without picnic

*Unfortunately, children under the age of 5 cannot participate. Children under the age of 15 can only participate and lead an alpaca if accompanied by an adult.

Danger! Hiking with prams or dogs not allowed! No liability is assumed for accidents.

Please register in advance.

Picnic with the alpacas

Alpaca hike
with picnic

Once a week, you have the chance to get to know our four fluffy friends up-close! Do they wrap you around their fingers as quickly as they do us? In any case, it is good for the soul to roam through nature with the alpacas, and it is a special experience anyway. We round off the hike with a mountain picnic prepared by Toni’s kitchen team.

Have you heard the sound yet?
Alpacas hum.
This is their way
of speaking to each other.

Alpaca feeding

The alpaca enclosure

You are also welcome to visit the alpacas outside of the guided alpaca hikes! Once a week, one of us will show you where Alois, Poidl, Anton and Pablo live. It’s just five minutes by car.
Alpacas in Grossarl

Our alpacas on Instagram

Fancy seeing cute alpaca pictures? Then follow us on Instagram. As you can imagine, Alois, Poidl, Anton and Pablo are very photogenic! They give us so much joy, and we just have to share it with you!

Oh, is that it?
We still have a few
cute pictures for you ;)

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