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Active hotel in the mountains!
Active hike with weight rings

Summer hiking in Grossarl

All you need to feel good here: hiking, biking and a snack on the alp

We will show you what you can experience on the alp in spring, summer and autumn in Grossarl Valley. We take you by the hand and you take your holiday happiness into your own hands: Lace up your hiking boots, saddle up on your bike and enjoy the most beautiful mountain holiday imaginable. Because the good times are with us right now. When else are we going to start making the most of our lives?

The Alte Post Grossarl is
THE certified hiking hotel in the Grossarl Valley.
We go with you into the mountains
at least five times a week -
and to our alpacas!

Guided hike in Grossarl Valley


The Grossarl Valley is best known for hiking. That’s no wonder, since we have the perfect mix of mighty peaks in the Hohe Tauern National Park and idyllic alpine meadows with around 40 serviced huts. There is something for all fitness levels, from leisurely hikes to breathtaking summits. And the best thing; we show you our mountains on our guided hikes, at least 5 days a week.

What would you like to experience on your mountain holiday?
Our six certified hiking guides
will be happy to advise you!

Hiking with children

Family hikes

The paths to the alpine pastures are perfect for hikes with children. Some of them are even suitable for prams! And isn’t a delicious snack on the alp incentive enough? For example, the Trail of the Senses on the Gehwolf-Alm is refreshing. You can easily climb the metres up with the cable car. Oh, and there are our alpaca hikes!

Rock climbing and via ferrata

Would you like to push your limits during your mountain holiday? Experience a special adventure, maybe prove yourself wrong? Then you can take part in exciting activities such as rock climbing or via ferrata at Berg Gesund! Because you’re staying at our hotel, it’s free. Apart from things like entrance fees or equipment hire.
Mountain bike tour through Grossarl

Mountain biking & e-biking

Do you still remember the incredible feeling when you could suddenly ride a bike as children? The irrepressible wave of freedom that rushed through your body? Experience exactly that with us in the mountains by mountain biking or e-biking. 160 km of signposted bike routes are waiting for you, and the most magical views you can imagine.
Alpaca hike in Grossarl Valley

Hello sweeties!

Aren’t they cute? You wouldn’t be the first to fall in love with Alois, Poidl, Anton and Pablo! Whether small or large, nobody can resist those big loving eyes. Come and visit the four with us. Or go hiking with us and the alpacas.

By the way, our most dedicated alpaca herder is
Maximilian, born in 2020.
Don’t be surprised if you see him with rubber boots
and a wheelbarrow ;)

Maximilian Knapp
Alpacas in Grossarl, Salzburg province

Slowing down

Perhaps you would also like to use your summer in the mountains to slow down. Today, you don’t have to climb to a summit, no need for a personal best, to go higher, faster, further. A day at Berg Gesund could do you good. Participation is free for you as our guests! And then? Off to the stone pine spa!

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