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Toni and Maria with Sophia and Maximilian, hosts at the Hotel Alte Post


A workplace full of colourful characters

We are a workplace for persons of all ages and backgrounds. We are brave, headstrong, love the mountains, do our own thing and refuse to follow the crowd. We show our guests the mountains in a passionate, vivid manner. We even adopted alpacas to help us do this! Living at the heart of our village, with it and for it. And we have lots of fun doing it!

One for all, all for one!

For us, it’s more than just a saying. We are all about appreciation and togetherness and laugh a lot together. That’s the best motivation! Here, you will have a good job that you are guaranteed to enjoy.
  • 5-day week
  • Regulated working hours
  • Part-time/hours per week by arrangement
  • Secure employment with payment beyond the scope of collective agreement
  • Free meals
  • #NeverWithoutMyTeam – Appreciation and team spirit

Job opportunities

Your job is versatile and varied, with a lot of personal contact with the guests and your team. Since we are a family company, you will not only get to know your area with us, but also everyone else. You may soon be able to discover new horizons in the mountains. Who knows, maybe you will be our next hiking guide alongside your current job? We currently have the following job opportunities:
  • Hello & Goodbye team: Reception (m/f)
  • Cheers & Bon Appétit team: Waiter – bartender (m/f)
  • Fresh & Lively team: Breakfast cook – breakfast waiter (m/f)
  • Happy & Fine team: Chef – young chef (m/f)
  • Hello & Goodbye team apprentice: Reception (m/f)
  • Cheers & Bon Appétit team apprentice: Restaurant (m/f)
  • Happy & Fine team apprentice: Kitchen (m/f)
  • Cheers & Bon Appétit team temporary staff: Service (m/f)
  • Happy & Fine team temporary staff: Kitchen (m/f)

We love what we do.
You too?

Then just write to us! Even if your dream job does not match the vacancies we have right now. We would love to get to know personalities like you! So please get in touch, it doesn’t have to be perfect. Neither are we ;)
Daniela - hiking guide

Daniela from the Up & Down team

I ended up here in Grossarl in the Alte Post by pure coincidence. I’m a sociable, active person, so I like the variety in the hotel. I became close friends with colleagues fairly quickly and the locals welcomed me with open arms, so it quickly became clear to me: I came here and I am going to stay here.
Silvia – reception

Silvia from the Hello & Goodbye team

Why have I been at the Alte Post hiking hotel since 2017? In very simple terms: Maria and Toni put their heart and soul into their hotel and their work with all our employees. You are appreciated and it just feels like you are at home! For me, they are the anchors in the hotel that you can always rely on.
Melanie - reception

Melanie from the Hello & Goodbye team

One thing I really like about my work is the cooperation and the friendly and fair way we treat one another. Every day you get the feeling that the team is one that sticks together and that you can have fun together.
Melissa - service

Melissa from the Cheers & Bon Appétit team

I like the way I was welcomed so warmly by everyone from the first minute and the fact that I can learn a lot of new things. An active hotel, recommending many different hikes, alpacas and much more; these things make the hotel simply unique and very interesting. That’s why I chose this hotel and I’m already looking forward to many moments with new faces in the coming seasons.

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