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Family hotel on the mountain!
Child on a mountain adventure tour

Family hotel in Grossarl
at the Alte Post

Bring it on, you little mountain adventurers!

If you want to show your children real mountain nature - and of course our alpacas Alois, Poidl, Anton and Pablo - then come! But please bear in mind, we are not an amusement park hotel for children. We are a hotel for guests of all ages, with a big heart for all. We do have a child-friendly indoor pool, playroom, family hikes, children’s meals, a bowling alley and much more!

Your kids are in for a treat!
We are sure
your holiday will be full of cheer and smiles!

What all parents are interested in –
the family benefits

  • Alpaca hikes with our own alpacas Alois, Poidl, Anton and Pablo
  • Children’s playroom with infant’s corner
  • Teen corner with air hockey, table football, Wii, and more
  • Indoor pool with 29°C water temperature
  • Guided family hikes in summer, some suitable for prams
  • Bowling alley
  • Children’s menu children’s buffet
  • Baby equipment to borrow

And then there are all the family attractions in Grossarl
that make children’s hearts leap for joy.
From fairytale hikes to the adventure playground.

Cool: hiking badge for kids
Refreshment on the alp

Family summer holiday

Grossarl’s many alpine pastures are easily accessible, some even for prams and bicycles. And a fine reward at the hut has always motivated people to complete the last stage, hasn’t it? With us, your children can see with their own eyes what cows really look like, they can hear rushing streams, smell mountain thyme on the Trail of the Senses or let off steam in the mountain pasture playground.

We can do just about anything.
But the alpacas
will always win children’s hearts ;)

Alpaca enclosure in the Hotel Alte Post

Yes, yes, at last: our alpacas

Our hearts still skip a beat every time we walk up to the alpaca enclosure. Our pulses climb. And then burst with love. Oh Alois, Poidl, Anton and Pablo, how could it happen that you took our hearts by storm? If you’re ready to have feelings like this, then click the button to meet our woolly friends!
Family ski day

Family holidays in winter

In winter, skiing is definitely at the top of your list! And you can show your children other aspects of the cold season. Who knows, maybe you never have any snow at home? In the evening, we guide you through the winter forest with torches or toboggan down the illuminated slope. And many a child’s and mother’s dream will certainly come true on a ride in a one-horse open sleigh...

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