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Snowshoe hiking
in Grossarl

We show you the mountains, even in winter

Skiing is great! But it’s not for everyone. Maybe you would prefer a more contemplative, quieter winter sport away from the slopes: snowshoe hiking. Snowshoe hiking is all about going far, far beyond the hustle and bustle, having nature all to yourself and hearing nothing except for your footsteps in the snow.

As a certified hiking hotel,
we will of course
also go out with you in winter!
And the snowshoes?
We will lend you them for free!

Mit Schneeschuhen wandern im Winter

We’ll go snowshoe hiking with you

As a certified hiking hotel, we lace up our snowshoes with you at least once a week. We have snowshoes and sticks for hire. You only need to bring sturdy, high hiking shoes and, of course, winter clothing. And, as our guests, you can also go on the guided Berg Gesund snowshoe hikes for free!

Snowshoe hiking
for beginners

Higher, faster, further? Not for me! Let’s get up close and personal with nature, something that is best done in peace. That’s why snowshoe hiking novices don’t have to worry that we’ll leave them behind after the first turn. On the contrary. We look forward to you putting your trust in us and daring to take your first steps on snowshoes with us. At first you may feel like a stranded sailor. But soon you will be asking yourself: Why didn’t we try this earlier?

Why your eyes will light up when snowshoe hiking

  • Compared to skiing, snowshoe hiking takes you down a gear. Now you can take in the winter landscape with all your senses.
  • You walk in single file, silently, one behind the other. It’s good to have some peace and quiet for once.
  • When skiing, we sometimes get the impression that it is every person for themselves. It’s different with snowshoe hiking. The walking pace, the breaks, who sprints and who brings up the rear, everything goes hand in hand.

  • Suddenly you notice details that you would otherwise have raced past. A fox’s paw prints or a crooked hut groaning under the weight of snow.
  • After the ascent, it feels great to have made it. Every joy of climbing a summit, no matter how minor, is a treasured memory that lasts.
  • Above is the world, your life, at your feet. Perhaps you feel a swelling of gratitude: you can experience and enjoy this moment!

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