Hotel in Grossarl- Hotel Alte Post
Wanderurlaub in Großarl - Wanderhotel Alte Post
Wanderurlaub in Großarl - Wanderhotel Alte Post

Hiking in Grossarl

A hiking holiday in the Grossarl Valley in Salzburger Land

The Grossarl Valley offers everything a hiker's or climber's heart could wish for. With over 400 km of hiking and climbing routes and its unique landscape, the Valley of the Alms in Salzburger Land is a real paradise. Mountain enthusiasts and nature-lovers will enjoy the unspoilt alpine meadows, blue mountain lakes, demanding peak climbs and impressive mountain panoramas over the Alps.


In your hiking holiday in Grossarl, there are possibilities for all ability levels: enjoy gentle hut and alpine walks with the family into the Hohe Tauern National Park or "walk" using the cable car up to the alpine pastureland. The variety of demanding routes ranges from mountain tours to climbing trails and high alpine tours on the glacier. The Grossarl Valley is particularly well-known for its wealth of cosy alpine huts - in Salzburger Land there's no other resort where so many working alpine huts have survived.

Wandern in Großarl, Wanderurlaub im Großarltal
  • Awarded the Austrian Hiking Seal of Approval
  • Hospitality high up: around 40 alpine huts open to the public offering regional delicacies
  • Salzburger Almenweg (in total approx. 350 km) leads through the Grossarl Valley
  • Salzburg alpine summer with a variety of alpine events, harvest festival, herding the cattle back down to the valley
Wandern im Großarltal - Wandertaxi

Hikers' taxi & public bus in your hiking holiday in Grossarl

Using the wander taxis in the Grossarl Valley you can reach alpine huts, the start of hikes and spectacular viewing points from May to October. You can also travel to the starting point of your hiking tour on the public post bus. These methods of transport are particularly useful for crossing valleys and tours lasting several days. Your guest card entitles you to half price travel on wander taxis and buses.

Alte Post hiking tips

Tour suggestions, rules for hiking in the mountains

Wandern im Großarltal - Salzburger Land

Filzmoosalm & -sattel - Remsteinkopf - Bichlalm

Filzmoosalm & -sattel - Remsteinkopf - Bichlalm

Level of difficulty: medium
Length: 16.5 km
Duration: approx. 6 - 8 hours


Description: From the Alte Post in Grossarl take the wandertaxi or your private car to the Dorf Grund. From here the climb starts upwards to the Filzmoosalm, from there on to the Filzmoossattel and the Stangersattel to the Remsteinkopf. The descent is via the Bichlalm and the "Himmelsleiter" (Heaven's Ladder) back to Grossarl.

Wandern im Großarltal - Salzburger Land



Level of difficulty: medium
Length: 6.3 km
Duration: approx. 2 - 4 hours


Description: Take the wanderbus from Grossarl to Grund. From Grund head up gently towards the Lossbühelalm. After an hour or so along the forest track or via short cuts through the forest you reach your destination and can enjoy a typical alpine snack with home-delicacies such as goats' milk and goats' cheese.

Wandern im Großarltal - Gipfelheft

Correct behaviour in the mountains

10 basic rules for hikers

  1. Pay attention to your health and judge your strength and that of your companion(s) correctly and plan the length of your tours accordingly.
  2. Each tour should be planned exactly. Make sure you have plenty of information e.g. from walking maps, from the hotel or hut owner.
  3. Suitable equipment is crucial, especially plenty of food and drink and the weather forecast.
  4. Tell others about your planned routes and your time due back. Write your destination and routes in hut and peak books. In the event of an emergency you can be found quicker and easier. G
  5. The pace of the hike should be that of the weakest member. Walking too fast will tire you out early. Don't forget you have get back again.
  6. Do not leave the marked paths. Danger of injury increases away from marked paths.
  7. Watch out for falling rocks. You and other hikers could be in danger.
  8. In the event of weak physical condition or threat of bad weather do not continue, turn back. It's not defeatist but a sign of caution.
  9. In the event of an accident, remain calm.
  10. Keep the mountains clean.

Emergency tel. nos. and signals

Mountain rescue: 140

European emergency no.: 112

Fire brigade: 122

Police: 133

Ambulance: 144

Automobile Club: 120

The alpine emergency signal consists of an optical and/or acoustic signal of any type, which should be repeated 6x within 1 minute. After a break of 1 minute it should be repeated until it seems that it has been noticed by other mountaineers, from an alpine hute or from down in the valley.


The answer to such a signal is 3 signs per minute and repeated after a 1 minute break too. Thus it can be communicated that the emergency signal has been received.

How to behave in a thunderstorm

If, despite careful planning, you do end up in a thunderstorm while you are up in the mountains, avoid staying on the summit, on exposed ridges, underneath isolated trees, in water gullies, at the foot of rock faces, at the entrance to caves or close to high-voltage power lines. Instead, look for valleys or hollows. However, you will only find truly safe shelter in a building or car.

Thunderstorm warning signs: cumulus clouds with a dark underside, fringed edges, distant rumble of thunder. Risk to life: electrically-charged air (hair standing on end, crackling…). In such cases, leave the danger area immediately! Your life is in danger!



"The wide open views experienced whilst hiking, also widen your view of life."

from "The (short) Art of Hiking“

Your hiking hotel in Salzburger Land

Alte Post-Advantages for the hiking holiday in Grossarl

  • "best alpine" hiking hotel, hiking seal of approval
  • Weekly hiking programme with certified guides, varying levels of difficulty
  • Tour suggestions, hiking maps, magazines
  • Central location in the Grossarl Valley
  • Lots of hikes possible directly from hotel
  • Free rental of hiking equipment
  • Gourmet half board or bed & breafkast buffet
  • Spa area, massages and treatments, hiking packages
Wanderhotel Salzburger Land - Alte Post in Großarl

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