Hotel in Grossarl- Hotel Alte Post
Hallenbad - Wellnesshotel Alte Post - Großarl
Hallenbad - Wellnesshotel Alte Post - Großarl

Swimming pool

Spa Hotel Alte Post – where the clocks tick slower…

…and time sometimes stands still. Leave the hassle of your everyday life behind you here at the 4 star Hotel Alte Post: just stop, take time for yourself, pause for thought, experience joy and relaxation  – that’s pleasure in its simplest form. Before or after an active day savour the reviving, beneficial effect in our indoor swimming pool (12×5 m) with a water temperature of 29° C.

Health benefits of swimming

Swimming counts amongst the most healthy types of sporting activity. Due to the buoyancy of the water your body is supported and strain on your joints and bones is minimized. This enables movements not possible on dry land. Your heart is not burdened as water pressure eases venous reverse flow. In addition the water temperature has a stimulating effect on the circulatory.

Grander water in our spa hotel

Granderbrunnen - Wellnesshotel Alte Post - Großarl

Relaxation from within – here at the Spa Hotel Alte Post we offer the world-famous Grander water as drinking water as well as in the kitchen. Enjoy a refreshing glass of water in our spa area from our Grander water fountain.

Revived water according to Johann Grander

Reviving water according to the method of Johann Grander reconstructs the original stability and order of the water, energy which it loses on its long journey from the spring to the tap. The inner structure of the water is revived and makes it more resistant to outer influences. Weakened water recovers and becomes powerful and strong again – nothing is added or taken away.


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