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Weekly, guided hikes for all ability levels in Grossarl

In the Grossarl Valley, the Valley of the Alms, hiking is a very special experience. Here at the hiking hotel Alte Post we offer you guided hiking tours with our qualified hiking an mountain guides. I doesn’t matter whether you’re just starting to hike or you are an experienced mountaineers – there are tours to suit everyone. Together we discover the beaut of Salzburger Land. And believe us: the feeling of happiness after an enjoyable hiking tour with fantastic views lasts for ages.

Best hiking hotelier & hiking journal – Alte Post

We’re very pleased that Toni was awarded best hiking hotelier in gold 2012. The joy of conquering the peaks with him and our other hiking guides makes for pleasant memories in your hiking holiday in Grossarl. All tours are documented in the Hotel Alte Post’s hiking diary.

Certifies VAVOE hiking guide

What is a hiking guide?

Hiking guides are men and women, who are familiar with the surrounding area around their home and/or with the selected routes. They love nature, being active outdoors, are sociable and like getting to know people. Anyone can become a hiking guide. They are engaged by tourist boards, hotels, alpine associations and clubs to organise and lead group walks with content.


Hiking guides show guests the beauty of nature and talk about day-to-day culture, traditions and customs along the way. They tell guests useful information regarding the resort and the way of life of the inhabitants. Far away from mass tourism guests can experience Austria’s flora and fauna. Particularly popular are themed hikes. Whilst collecting herbs, milking at the alpine hut, visiting the farms or on an evening hike guests get a whiff of adventure and authenticity.


Austria’s beauty is visible for all those who open their open and are receptive to new things. Hiking guides ensure that all hiking participants enjoy this joint experience. Each tour is planned so that it is a challenge but nobody is overexerted. Hiking guides are responsible for the safety of the group.

Qualified mountain guide

What do we need a mountain guide for?

Hiking over mountainous terrain is known as mountaineering and requires a lot of knowledge and experience, Organising a mountain hiking tour and to make it interesting, hassle-free and safe, whether easy or demanding, extensive tour planning is required. A mountain guide undertakes all organisatory tasks necessary.


Thanks to regular training courses and seminars a mountain guide is prepared for emergencies on the mountain too and makes a guided hike a real nature experience with his expert knowledge of nature as well as weather, culture and safety.


Qualified mountain guides belonging to the Styrian Mountain Guide Association offer a high level of quality and safety and reduce the risk on a mountain hike to a minimum. A critical self-assessment by each participant prior to the hike is however is essential, as unexpected circumstances not within the discretion of the hiking guide can occur.

“Hiking does more for the mind than sitting by the stove.”

Philippus Theophrastus Paracelsus

Hiking guides at the Hotel Alte Post

We accompany you to the most scenic peaks & alpine pasture areas in the region

Toni Knapp – “The hiking specialist in the Valley of the Alms”

With an average of 100 hikes a year, Toni is our most diligent hiking leader. Several times a week he leads guests into the mountains and shows them the beauty of the Grossarl Valley. No-one in the region is more knowledgable.

“I enjoy every type of hike, whether a gentle alpine hike or an 8 hour mountain tour. The main thing it has to be varied and with lots of short cuts.”

Training: VAVOE hiking guide

Award: from “best alpine” hiking hotels awarded best hiking hotelier 2012.

Wanderführer im Hotel Alte Post - Großarl
Wanderführer im Hotel Alte Post - Großarl

Maria Knapp

Maria Knapp accompanies hikes at least 1-2 a week and shows guests the wide variety of healing herbs and plants in our region.

“You can discover something new on every hike. The beauty of nature in the Grossarl Valley plus the variety of herbs and plants is indescribable. I enjoy taking part in pilgrimage walks, being close to creation, to feel at one with yourself and interact with others.”

Training: VAVOE hiking guide

Elisabeth Knapp

Elisabeth too is an enthusiastic hiker. At the moment her attention is firmly focused on her sons, Jakob and Xaver. Therefore you’re likely to find here in the playground or walking with the pushchair. If she does have time for a mountain hike, then it’s with much enthusiasm.

“As a nature-lover I just love being in the mountains – at the moment, not as often as I’d like, but when, then with pleasure.”

Training: Styrian Mountain Guide Assoc.

Wanderführer im Hotel Alte Post - Großarl
Wanderführer im Hotel Alte Post - Großarl

Christina Knapp

Our youngest hiking guide. Christina completed her training in 2013 and is in the mountains of the Grossarl Valley all year round.

“Rise above the situation, escape your everyday life for a while, savour the beauty of your home. That’s probably the best way to describe why I like being outdoors surrounded by nature.”

Training: VAVOE hiking guide

Guggi Kendlbacher

Guggi, a faithful member of our staff for over 30 years, accompanies guests 1 to 2x a week on hiking tours. Guggi knows the region well, in particular the most scenic spots in the Grossarl Valley and is all for a reward for a successful hike. So you’re sure to enjoy a schnaps with Guggi at the end of each hiking tour!

“Hiking is fun. Lots of people, like myself, just can’t get enough. Therefore, I also enjoy hiking in my free time – particularly in Ellmautal.”

Training: VAVOE hiking guide

Wanderführer im Hotel Alte Post - Großarl
Wanderführer im Hotel Alte Post - Großarl

Maria Hettegger

… was more or less born in the mountains. Her home farm is one of the highest in the Grossarl Valley. As a child she often accompanied her Dad on hikes, she knows the area around the Schuhflicker, her local mountain, well. Maria, qualified florist likes trying out Toni senior’s shortcuts.

“You haven’t really been somewhere unless you’ve been there on foot.” – Johann von Goethe.

Training: VAVOE hiking guide


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